A variety of things can cause damage to a car’s paintwork, with bird droppings, tree sap, airborne dirt, and direct sunlight just a few that can cause problems. Protecting against these is therefore a common sense idea and car covers are designed for this purpose. They can be used in a garage or out on the street to keep paintwork looking as new as the day a car was purchased.


Anyone considering the use of a cover for their car has a couple of options to choose from. The most affordable option is a universal or semi custom car cover, with these designed to fit a certain style of vehicle such as a truck, SUV, van, or station wagon. This means that they can be used for a number of different makes and models although the fit will likely not be absolutely perfect. The disadvantage of this is that gaps can be left that let in dust and other contaminants. Those that want a cover that hugs the contours of their vehicle for ultimate protection should opt for a custom car cover. They are more expensive to buy, but can typically be selected for the make, model, year, and style of vehicle to ensure they are a perfect fit.


There are a few materials that car covers are typically made from. Outdoor options include Weathershield, Sunbrella, Block-It, and Noah. These are produced to be waterproof, UV-resistant, and durable to protect against the elements. Indoor fabrics include Dustop, Fleeced Satin, and Tan Flannel, with the aim of these being to keep dirt and dust from paintwork.


A standard auto shop is the place to find universal and semi custom covers for sale. When it comes to custom covers, many car manufacturers offer these to customers that have bought their vehicles. There are also a number of specialist retailers that manufacture custom covers, with Covercraft and Coverking examples of these.


Car covers can offer more benefits than just keeping paintwork looking good. It is possible to get heavier duty covers that provide some protection against dents and dings. A cover can also provide added security and deter a car thief by keeping belongings out of sight and making it harder for them to gain entry to a vehicle.Many people see a car as their pride and joy. It therefore makes sense to try and maintain it in the best condition possible. A car cover can help with this to keep a vehicle’s appearance looking showroom fresh.