Car movers

The Stringo car mover is a product that makes life easier for anyone who needs to move a vehicle in a hazard free manner. It has been designed to work with just one operator and in restricted spaces. The system comes in a range of six different types; each model has been manufactured to excel in a specific environment, therefore every customer can be certain of getting the right car mover for their needs.

Using the Stringo vehicle mover gives you precise control and a quiet work space; it does not require any force or specialist knowledge on the part of the operator, and will add an extra element of safety to the workshop. This is a time efficient piece of equipment, which won’t produce any kind of pollutants and is extremely adaptable.

The Stringo operates like many other lifting systems, you simply manoeuvre it into the correct position and ensure it is against the tyres of the vehicle to be moved. Next, just touch the button which is located on the Stringo’s handle and enjoy an easy lifting experience. Furthermore, in order to get the job done you won’t have to go into the car that is being moved, the gear box of the car will not need to be disengaged and the engine can remain dormant.

There are a number of situations in which the Stringo excels, these are within any organisation where the movement of stationary vehicles is necessary and safety is paramount.

Car manufacturing companies use the Stringo to move their test vehicles around a research facility or laboratory. During the development stage when an engine has been stripped, or it is not possible to have any exhaust fumes within the facility, the car can still be positioned with ease when using a Stringo.

In a commercial garage, mechanics often use the Stringo to move a customer’s vehicle from the car park to the appropriate bay for servicing and repairs. This reduces emissions considerably in what may be a very restricted and busy space.

Similarly, paint shops often employ a Stringo to carefully re-position the vehicles they have painted or taped off. This leaves the bodywork unblemished and frees up space for the next project.

As vehicles which are severely damaged or unsafe can be transported with ease, crash test sites are also users of the Stringo. Indeed, a model has been developed which caters specifically for the testing industry.

As car museums are dealing with valuable, heavy and often large vehicles, they need a solution which will not put their items at risk of damage. Curators choose Stringo because it is unique in its field, providing a stress free and secure method of moving these historic cars from one location to another.

Finally, the police force is another regular user of the Stringo. Both rural units and the Metropolitan Police employ the device to place confiscated or stolen vehicles in a storage facility. Also, investigators manoeuvre a car before forensic testing using a Stringo; this practice reduces the risk of cross contamination and preserves the interior for further analysis. Moreover, the lack of emissions enables the service to maintain their green initiative policy.