Motorcycle covers

When garage space is not available, motorbike covers protect your motorcycle from rain, snow, dust and worse. Here, we look at motorbike covers, their features, and some points to consider.

Extreme exposure

Apart from during cold winters, a cover will also protect your bike in summer from strong sunlight. Ultra violet light and heat eventually perishes seat material, handlebar grips and cables.


Types and features

For 125cc bikes and bigger, check the cover is full size. Some manufacturers supply different shapes to fit scooters, tourers, cruisers, adventure bikes, street racers etc. Frames with collapsible interior tubes are available, not unlike a “mini-garage” once erected.

Heat resistance means that some covers can be used with engine or exhaust temperatures up to 150 degrees Centigrade after a long ride, according to their specifications.

Some covers come with a storage bag, which helps with portability if you regularly go on trips and would like to look after your bike while not using it.

Price and quality

As always, cheapest isn’t best. Covers made to a high standard have features such as double stitching and heat-sealed seams. Although not the cheapest, they will be more durable and water resistant – able to withstand heavier downpours, for example. A higher quality cover will usually last longer too.

Other considerations

Some other points to consider include weight. Lightweight covers are more versatile, but offer less protection.

Ease of fit is also a key factor; in the absence of an under-bike bike strap or web, an elasticated bottom will help to ensure a close fit. Does the cover fit closely around the motorcycle’s wheels – or will it flap a lot (and not cover the wheels and front brakes properly) in the wind?

Finally, a soft inner lining is kind to paint – it protects against scratches and importantly, helps to reduce condensation and wetness in winter. Breathable material is also worth considering.

Allow the motorcycle to cool after riding, unless the cover is heat resistant or heatproof. Hot exhausts or engines could melt the fabric, ruining the cover and leaving residue on the bike.

Protect your bike from extremes of weather with a robust, well-made cover. If it could, your bike would thank you!