When your car was brand new, or when it is valeted, seat covers are often used to simply protect the upholstery. These temporary seat covers are usually made from a simple sheet of plastic and provide a minimum level of coverage. However, they do the job for what they are intended. If you drive around a lot and want to protect your car’s upholstery, then there are some options to consider. Seat covers are helpful if you need to drive in dirty work clothes or if you have kids who might spill things in the back. By protecting the seats, you can keep your car looking great and help to retain its resale value.

Value Seat Covers

These sorts of covers simply slip over the top of your front seats’ headrest and cover the seat back and the base. They tend to be of a generic design and are not suited to the individual shape of different car makers’ designs. However, they are perfect if you just need a cover that will last for a few journeys and protect your seat from dirty clothing, perhaps on a trip to the local tip. Value seat covers sometimes compatible with back seat in modern cars, but they tend to be ill-fitting.

Seat cover

Water Resistant Seat Covers

These covers tend to be sold in sets of three. Two are for the front seats and there is a larger one that goes over the back seat. Designed for family cars, their primary use is to prevent damage to upholstery from drinks spillages. They are a good idea if you are using your car for a touring holiday and you will have drinks consumed in the car whilst on your travels. Their other primary function is to protect the car’s interior if you are in and out of the vehicle a lot when it is raining.

Side Airbag Compatibility

With a number of modern cars, safety features like airbags mean that you need to be careful before fitting seat covers. Many car seat covers offer side airbag compatibility, but not all, so it is a good idea to check whether the ones you want to buy are suited to this safety feature. Many of the top-end car seat covers, usually in a faux leather finish, will have this as standard.

Van Seats

Van seats tend to need their own seat covers because conventional car ones won’t fit. If you drive a van with a three seat cab, then seek out a van seat cover set. They are usually sold in pairs – one for the driver and the second for the remaining two seats.