Summer seat covers for cars

Have you ever got out of a car on a hot day in summer and found that the back of your body is wet with perspiration, or found that your bare legs are sticking to the seat as you try to move? Many modern cars use man-made fabrics in their upholstery, which do not let the skin breathe and leads to discomfort for drivers and passengers. The answer to these problems is to use summer seat covers in your car.

Car seatsChildren and babies

It is particularly important that babies and small children do not overheat, and there are many summer seat covers designed especially for use in baby carriers and child seats. These are usually made of 100 per cent terry cotton, which is absorbent and wicks away moisture to keep young passengers feeling comfortable and cool. They are designed to fit snugly over existing seat covers, and are easy to clean and machine washable. It is very important to buy specially designed summer seat covers that fit properly to baby carriers and car seats, rather than just drape a towel or cotton cloth over the existing cover. This may cause slipping and become tangled and wrapped around the baby, leading to discomfort and even injury.

Covering leather seats

Traditional leather seats, while attractive, can also become uncomfortable in hot weather, particularly if the car has been sitting in the sun for some time and has made the leather hot to the touch. If you are placing cotton seat covers over existing leather ones, make sure to use a non-slip pad under the cover to prevent slipping.

Air conditioned seats

For those who really like to stay cool in the summer, the ultimate cooling seat cover has built-in air conditioning. These seats have a porous cover that allows air to flow around the parts of the body that are pressed against it to keep you cool and lower your body heat. This can be done with built-in fans, or can even use the air conditioning of the car. Some seats include their own individual cooling system which plugs into the electrical supply. Even if the air is not cooled, fans circulating air in a seat cover will still reduce your body temperature and prevent discomfort.