Tips to stay safe online

Nowadays internet requires you to have full knowledge on what is happening online. The hacking, scams and malware among other risks all over online has made internet a dangerous zone. As though that is not all the current innovation of devices revolving from smartphones to tables then to varied internet connection appliances has even brought us a much more greater risk.

Good news to the users, walk through this article with me as we discuss the two major measures on how to stay safe online.

Create Complex Passwords

Most definitely is that you have heard it before. However, if you want to secure your personal data and financial information online, the most effective way is creating a complex password. Make a point to use different passwords for all your account. I know you already feel you might forget some. The danger of using a similar password is that if the hacker has information on one account can use that data to access the rest.

Boost Your Network Security

After reviewing your password, at least by now your logins are a bit safer. However, watch out the security of your network connection. Most probably when you are at work or at home you use a secured network. However, while travelling, you might be tempted to operate your device on a public free Wi-Fi which may pose a high risk of hackers accessing your device. In this case you may use a virtual private network (VPN) which is a piece of software which facilitates secure connection by changing your IP Address.

Bottom line

As long as you are using internet, you are at risk and therefore take all relevant measures to stay safe.