What insurances should you get?

By law, it’s required to have car insurance, no matter what type of car you have. With so many companies springing up with many different types of offers, knowing which insurance to purchase can be mind-boggling. Check out our tips below to see which insurance is best for you.

Third Party

This type of cover means other drivers are insured when a collision happens, not your own. It’s the most basic of the three insurance covers, so tends to be the cheapest – but not always, so make sure to shop around. You also need this at minimum in order to drive.

Third Party Fire and Theft

Exactly what you think it is. This policy is the same as the above, but this time insures your car if it catches fire or is stolen. Be careful, though, if you live in an area that has high risk of fire or crime, your insurer may charge extra for this cover.

Fully Comprehensive

This insurance covers everyone involved in an emergency, including yourself. Also, some insurers provide you with a courtesy car whilst your damaged car is getting repaired at the garage, but not all do. Others cover windscreen damage with this too. So again, it’s good to shop around to see what extra benefits you get if you buy this insurance package. But remember, sometimes you may have to pay extra for these little extra add-ons to the overall price.

Hopefully, this helps clear up the differences between the most common types of plans available for car insurance. Think about which sort of insurance would suit you, your budget and your car.